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It's Tennis Time - time to learn tennis!


Newly Formatted Tennis Apprentice for 2024!
This Adult, 18 & Over, beginner program will have you playing tennis with your friends, making new friends, and preparing you for a lifetime of a good healthy habit!
Each session will include 1 1/2 Hours of instruction each week, for 9 weeks.

Each participant will receive the following when participating in the full nine week program:

  • Tennis Time Sessions will last nine weeks and include the following:
    First 5 weeks will be focused on basic strokes:

    • Ground Stroke, Volley & Serving

  • Last 4 weeks will be a rotation between multiple courts focusing on:

    • Supervised Match Play, Specific Stroke & Fast Feed


Are you a visual learner?  Just download our "New to Tennis" pamphlet to read along as you learn to play!


Seneca Park - Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm

Session I - April 3 - June 5, 2024

Session II - June 19 - August 14, 2024

Session III - August 28 - October 23, 2024

Beginner Clinics


Location: Ashland Tennis Center

Please call 606.329.2245 for information on beginner programs


Location: Buchanan Park/Tennis Center

Please call 270.282.8653 for information on beginner programs



Location: Doc Hosbach Tennis Center

Please call 270.831.0701, Melanie Humbert for information on beginner programs



Location: Ruff Park

Please call 270.484.0471, Richard Wimsatt for information on beginner programs


Location: Various courts across Lexington Please call 859.321.0533, Leslie Russ or 859.619.4497, Tara McGuire for information on beginner programs


Location: See above

Please call 502.491.1290, USTA Kentucky for information on beginner programs


Location: Merchant Tennis Center 

Please call 270.240.4213 for information on beginner programs


Location: Noble Park

Please call 769.662.0368, Kara Geiger 

for information on beginner programs 


Location: Ashland Tennis Center

Please call 270.293.0082, Addey Huish or Devin Haneline at 270.217.9138 for information on beginner programs


Please call 760.586.2016, Chris Adkisson for information on beginner programs

Don't see a Tennis Time Kentucky or a Beginner Programs near you?

For more information or to start a session in your area contact Kathy Klein 502.491.1290

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