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About Love to Rally:

Love to Rally (LTR) is a beginner youth tennis program created by the United States Tennis Association of Kentucky (USTA Kentucky) and designed for kids ages 6 to 12. LTR’s goal is to teach tennis in a fun and stress-free environment where kids learn to rally over the net with a partner by the end of the program. Love to Rally utilizes modified tennis equipment more suitable for children to ensure they develop tennis and athletic skills, rally sooner, and have more fun playing the game of tennis.

Love to Rally and Your Community:

Contact your local CTA for LTR beginner tennis programming in your area. Interested in providing a Love to Rally program for your community? Become an LTR partner today! We provide free trainings, lesson plans, countless drills, access to modified equipment, and continuous support to ensure you are confident in running a successful program. Get paid for providing youth programs and being an advocate for tennis in your community.

Ready to become a Love to Rally partner or have additional questions? 

Contact Drew Edborg, Coordinator of Junior Tennis, at or 502.491.1290.

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