USTA KY Traveling to KY State Conferences: KAPHERD and KRPS

USTA Kentucky is working hard to spread knowledge about Community and School Tennis and this week that is being accomplished by attending TWO state conferences back to back! 

November 14th, USTA KY state staff loaded up and headed to Lexington, KY to have a presence at the Kentucky Association for Health, Physcial Education, Recreation and Dance (KAPHERD) where hundreds of individuals in the education profession and from around the state will learn about USTA KY and tennis opportunities. USTA KY has a information booth and will be facilitating a session on how to incorporate tennis into schools.

KAPHERD ends on November 15th and state staff will load up and be headed west to Hopkinsville, KY for the Kentucky Recreation and Park Society Conference (KRPS) for the remainder of the week. USTA KY will share with Parks and Recreation employees from all over the state the benefits of connecting to USTA for their facilities and programming.

We are also very lucky to have Rainey Johns, Director at the Versailles-Woodford Co. Parks and Recreation Department and the Tennis in the Parks Peer Advisor for Kentucky, with USTA KY for this conference. She will be speaking on her experiences working with USTA in the capacity of benefiting her Parks and Recreation Facility. USTA KY will also have a booth and a 75 minute session that will hopefully result in education and action for Parks and Rec. folks across Kentucky.