USTA Staff Taking Action

USTA Kentucky has taken active steps to enhance diversity training.  As an organization, we have zero tolerance for discriminatory actions or rhetoric of any kind directed to any individual or organization.


Executive Director Jason Miller said “USTA KY has always stood for inclusion and our sport being open to all, but it remains apparent we must continue to provide opportunities and leadership in this area.”


USTA Kentucky staff are participating in “Courageous Conversations” facilitated by Cee Jai Jones, Director of Diversity with USTA Southern.  Through these conversations and training, an inclusive workplace and programs benefiting all associated with USTA Kentucky are top priority.


USTA Kentucky’s mission is to inclusively grow tennis across the state.  Offering a variety of programs in a safe environment that welcomes players of all abilities, cultures and genders and does not condone discrimination of any kind.


Jason concluded “If there is anything the last year of social unrest and a global pandemic have taught us, is that we are better together and can achieve great things only by being accepting and inclusive.”


If you experience or witness discrimination of any kind at any USTA Kentucky event or program, please notify USTA Kentucky at 502.491-1290 or