TACK New Player New League


“The Tennis Association of Central Kentucky (TACK) had a great turnout at its latest “New Player Clinic” Sunday, November 11, offered in partnership with the Lexington Tennis Club.

The interest in novice league play was so high that TACK is piloting an expansion of its league offerings for January through March.

Traditionally, TACK has split its Adult League offerings into two sessions, which left young novices (18 /3.0) with no league action until the first session ends mid-March. Under the leadership of new Local League Coordinator Dee Jones, two “Fun leagues” are being offered by TACK for this age/ratings category.

Matches will be 3 courts only (1 singles, 2 doubles), and results do not count towards NTPR ratings. There are 6 teams already formed at the 18 /3.0 level (3 each for men and women), with an additional 6 at 18 /4.0. Slots are still available for players in these categories – registration will remain open for the entire league.”  Contact Dee Jones for registration information info@tacktennis.org .

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