September Letter from the President



Many people have asked me why I volunteer so many hours for USTA. My answer is quick and easy: the people and the programs. I have witnessed first hand how the lives of both children and adults have been changed for the better by becoming involved in tennis. In a world where people are becoming more and more isolated, tennis provides a community for all.


Programs such as NJTL (National Junior Tennis and Learning founded by Arthur Ash), which combines tennis with an education component to serve under-resourced youth. There are over 350 nonprofit youth development organizations providing free or low cost tennis and education programming to over 225,000 youth. Another such program is Wheelchair and Adaptive tennis. Nowhere has it been more obvious to me than in our own state of Kentucky the good that is being accomplished by this type of programming. Our own Meg Peavy from Louisville has been an extraordinary volunteer providing education, training, and resources. During the winter months, Meg provides a free and safe haven for the “Rising Stars” program to call home. She also provides a “Tennis Closet” which donates racquets, shoe and clothing to those in need. Meg collaborates with the Down Syndrome Organization of Louisville and also with the Autistic Organization to bring tennis to these populations in on going programming. She also collaborates with Cardinal Hill Rehab promoting and teaching wheelchair tennis.


As you can see it is easy to volunteer for an organization that has people and programming such as these. In the famous words of Arthur Ashe (found on his statue at the US Open) “FROM WHAT WE GET, WE CAN MAKE A LIVING; WHAT WE GIVE, HOWEVER, MAKES A LIFE.”





USTA Kentucky

“Tennis…It All Matters!”