Presidents Letter April

Hello Kentucky Tennis Family!

I hope this note finds you doing well and gearing up for a great spring and summer of tennis. I know that this time of year is super busy for all of us with the planning, organizing and logistical aspects of providing tennis to our communities.  There’s so much work that goes on behind the scenes in order to make tennis happen and it really is a labor of love.  Thank you all so much for putting your heart and passion into making tennis accessible to as many people as possible!


This month, I want to share with you my vision for this “President’s Letter” space each month.  Instead of it being a letter from me month in and month out, I want to share this space with YOU, with YOUR community and with YOUR tennis shining stars!  There are so many things going on in our amazing state that many of us don’t even know about.  People’s lives are being changed for the better because of tennis and it’s those stories that can motivate and inspire us to continue to do the work we do and motivate and inspire others to give tennis a try.

Here’s my call to action to you:  I need you to send in your unique story about how tennis is impacting your community.  Think Wounded Warriors re-entering civilian life via the tennis court or volunteers who have, for years, given their time, talent, and energy providing tennis to their local community with no fanfare or glory.  Maybe it’s a special comeback story that will inspire others who are going through physical or emotional challenges to make a comeback of their own. Sport is a powerful thing. Let’s use the power of tennis to inspire each other, our neighborhoods, our communities, and our state. Your USTA Kentucky staff and Board of Directors, can’t possibly know everything that’s happening out there…this is your opportunity to tell “Your Tennis Story”!


Don’t worry, you’ll still be hearing from me throughout the year when we have big news, ideas or issues that need to be addressed, but if there’s not something burning hot that I want or need to talk about, I want the words you read here to brighten your day, make your heart sing and inspire you to continue to be the best you can be!  Next month you’ll be hearing more about the “Kentucky Tennis Tour,” which the staff and board are incredibly excited about, but I’d love to have this space filled in the June issue with one of YOUR stories!


So, now it’s your turn!  Send in your story.  Shine the light on those who usually shy away from the attention and let’s celebrate the amazing tennis stories our state has to offer!  You can send your story to me (click here).  Don’t worry about putting together a perfect write-up.  Just tell us the nuts and bolts of your unique tennis story and, if your story is chosen, Kim Lonnemann, USTA Kentucky’s rockstar Marketing Coordinator will contact you for the details and help write the actual article for you.


What are you waiting for?  We’re waiting to hear from you!