New Year Wishes For a Grand Slam 2017

New Year Wishes

For a Grand Slam 2017

For a Grand Slam 2017

 It's a new year --


We know you love tennis as much as we do, and you've heard the saying "It takes a village" ...


YOU can be part of our village.


You are very active and connected, and together we can grow and develop the game you love.

Here are some ways you can be part of an exciting new year.


  • Partner through your company - start a company league - Yes, we can do that!


  • Bring tennis to your child's school programming - Yes, we can do that!


  • Make tennis part of your employers health initiatives - Yes, we can do that!


  • Share your professional skills


  • Become a corporate sponsor


  • Do you have a great idea for tennis in your area?


USTA Kentucky continually works to promote and provide tennis opportunities to as many players as possible.


Email or give us a call (888.582.8674). We're excited to hear from YOU!