July Letter From the President

Wimbledon is over and Roger Federer has won a record-breaking eighth title. Amazing!

I count myself lucky to have lived in the tennis era of “Roger and Rafa”. They are truly extraordinary. I am also lucky to have shared in the joy of tennis being played in Kentucky.

It has been very busy since my last article with numerous tennis events being held across the state. I have recently returned from volunteering at the Creason, 18 Championships, and 40 Championships. It is while volunteering at tennis events such as these that I find a renewed since of purpose and joy for the sport of tennis. It lifts my spirit and reminds me of why I love to be involved in this sport. It truly is the people who make tennis the greatest of sports.

There is such excitement and hope on the players faces as they check in. I watched players win and I watched players lose, but always there was a demonstrative love for this game.

One such example is the child who lost at the Creason 6-0,6-1 and came up to the desk to ask when their next match was with a very sad face. It broke my heart and I wanted to give him a big hug. Instead with a smile on my face, I gave him his match time and thanked him profusely for playing. He quietly looked up at me and grinned and said “I’ll get them next time” and I melted.

Another example, is the team at the 18 championships who had lost every match and every court. They thanked me for volunteering and said they had never had more fun and hoped to be back next year!

Tennis is more than a ball being hit on a court, It is a sport that can effect change in people’s lives. So, while you are out playing tennis, volunteering, or teaching I challenge you to share this sport with others. As Althea Gibson said, “No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you”.





USTA Kentucky

“Tennis…It All Matters!”