It’s a Family Thing – Tennis


Louisville is fortunate to have three outstanding tennis pros, providers, and leaders, and they are keeping it in the family.

Roberto Aspillaga, USPTA Certified Director of High Performance and Tennis Specific Fitness, his father Eduardo, USPTA Certified from Santiago, Chile.  Roberto’s wife Davina Meza, also a tennis pro from Cochabamba, Bolivia are all working at the Louisville Tennis Club and supporting tennis in Kentucky!

Roberto came to the United States in 2004 to play tennis for Georgetown College.  After graduation, he coached at various levels at the University of Kentucky, Purdue University, University of Colorado, and University of Texas, El Paso where he met Davina who was the assistant coach.  Roberto and Davina agreed that their relationship started a little rocky but soon grew to a mutual love and respect!

Davina began playing tennis as a child in Bolivia, she lived and continued to play tennis in New Zealand for several years before coming to the United States in 2012 to play for California State University and University of Texas, El Paso.  

Eduardo was a professional soccer player in Chile until a career ending injury at age 19 that led him to the tennis courts.  Because he was such a great athlete, he was mentored by the best tennis coaches.  He played and worked in tennis, living in many cities from New York to California but ultimately made Louisville his home stating, “It’s a really good time to work with my son and Davina.”  Fun fact – Eduardo coached Davina as a child!

Even though they are outstanding in their own right; they each have players and coaches they look up.  Top level players such as Maria Sharapova, Fernando Gonzalez, Luis Ayala and even a more impactful influence from local coaches such as Dennis Emery, Carlos Drada, and Cedric Kauffmann!

Tennis is more than a job for these three, it is a passion.  A passion for mentoring and guiding jr. players to grow on and off the court.  Davina shares that “Tennis opens doors” for juniors and adults and offers an opportunity to give back.  Roberto and Davina organized and ran the Wooden Racquet Challenge this past summer supporting the Raise a Racquet Foundation.  The Foundation supports tennis facilities, players, and programs throughout Kentucky.

In addition to his fundraising efforts, Roberto is a member of the USTA Kentucky board of directors and chair of the junior competition committee working to grow the sport.  An effort to embrace the Hispanic community, with an emphasis on fundraising and bilingual coaches are key components.


Tennis is an international sport and a collective culture.