Injury Prevention One

We all love playing tennis And we all hate missing court time over an injury.

Many of the warm-up exercises we’ve seen pros do have roots in yoga. 

•Opens and stretches the hips, groin & glutes
•Strengthens the abs, legs & calves
•Relieves tension from the spine allowing you to sit taller
•Calms the mind
*This pose can look very different based on hip flexibility
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Here are a few favorites for shoulder, back and hamstring tightness.

Extended child’s pose:  Lengthens and stretches the spinal, hip, thigh and ankle muscles. Relieves neck and lower back pain.  For a bonus stretch - Change the orientation of the hand. Pinky down thumbs up will improve your next overhead!

Chold_pose_flat  Extended_Childs_Pose

Downward dog: strengthen the arm and shoulders when the upper arms are externally rotated to create space around the head and neck, strengthens the core, lengthens hamstring and stretches calves.


Balance poses: provides mental and physical benefits including knowing our center of gravity which translates into better ball placement on the court. 


Thanks to Top Seed Tennis Club and Jennifer Ernst and Bradley Bryan!