Hall of Fame Nomination

Kentucky Tennis Hall of Fame
Nomination Process and Selection Criteria

1.    Nominee must be a minimum of 25 years of age. 
2.    Nominee must be a resident of Kentucky for a minimum of 10 years. 
3.    Nominee may be a player, coach, organizer or referee / umpire. 

The Hall of Fame Committee may induct up to three persons per year. To be elected a candidate must receive more than one-half of the votes possible by the committee.  Nominations are perpetual.  If your candidate is not selected in the year submitted, they are considered each year thereafter and may be inducted in the future.  

If you wish to submit a nomination, please send a cover letter and supporting documentation of the candidate to the USTA Kentucky office by July 31 for first consideration that calendar year. 

USTA Kentucky
8900 Greeneway Commons Place #101
Louisville, KY  40220 

Please help the Kentucky Tennis Hall of Fame Committee consider your nominee by organizing information on his/her participation in and contributions to tennis.  To insure that we have the information to consider your nominee, the nomination should include information on your nominee’s performance in each of the following areas of his/her tennis involvement.  Include career highlights; it is not necessary to list all of the activities.  If the nominee has no involvement in any one of the five categories of activity, simply state “no involvement” for that category.

COMPETITIVE PLAY:  Highlight competitive accomplishments in the following age groups.  Include individual and team/league performance as appropriate reflecting the year of the competition and the result.  Include Kentucky, Southern, and National ranking as applicable.

Junior and high school tennis
College tennis
Adult tennis: age 19 to 49
Senior tennis: age 50

The committee is interested in the quality of play, the quantity of competitive play, and the length of nominee’s competitive play.

TEACHING/COACHING:  Include information on the type of facility [club, school, public park, etc.] and location of the coaching/teaching facility.  Include the length of time teaching/coaching at each facility.  If the nominee has coached well-known, successful players, name them.
OFFICIATING:  This category includes referees, umpires, and lines persons.  Show the length of time as an official and level of play at which he/she officiated: local, state, southern, and national.

ADMINISTRATION/ORGANIZATION: Describe the nominee's activities supporting tennis.  List the organizations, job titles, and length of time in each position and significant accomplishments in the support of tennis.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR AND/OR ORGANIZERS: List the tournaments, league playoffs the nominee has managed.  Include the name of the tournament, the locations, and the years these competitions were held.

Finally, please feel free to add any personal comments along with photos, newspaper or magazine articles supporting the nomination.