Changes to Jr Tournaments in 2021

We are excited to share that USTA will adopt a simplified nationwide structure, which will create a standardized system and greater consistency for our players, parents, coaches, tournament directors and officials. 


Below, we share some exciting news regarding important changes, which will take place in January 2021. Please check back for updates as additional information will be added to keep everyone informed.  


  • The new structure will utilize seven levels of events, ranging from Level 7 (Intermediate) to Level 1 (National Championships) and a universal ranking system that will distribute points consistently across the country. 


  • This nationwide system will provide consistent tournament levels and standardized tournament operations for all events—regardless of location—replacing a current system that is greatly dependent upon the region.  


  • The new system will allow players to more easily compete across sections, as the levels will be standardized with an increased number of open events, providing even more playing opportunities for junior players.


  • In addition, there will be a series of non-ranking events, which will focus on age-appropriate competition, development, and fun.

Top 10 Things to Know

Why these changes are occurring (PDF)

2021 Point Tables and Shadow Ranking Philosophy (PDF)

USTA Press Release


“In order to properly grow and retain tennis players, it is imperative that we provide offerings that are developmentally appropriate, consistent, and easy to navigate, and that is one of the many reasons why we have made the changes to the junior competitive structure,” said Craig Morris, Chief Executive, Community Tennis, USTA. “Our research and data told us that our current structure needed change based on many factors that ultimately have contributed to a decrease in participation and player retention. The new system, based on the American Development Model, puts into place a consistent, clear and simple pathway, which will attract and retain more players into the game.” 


Martin Blackman, General Manager for USTA Player Development stated, “The simplification and standardization of our Junior Competitive structure will simplify the competitive and play pathways for millions of children coming into our sport, giving their families a progression of play and tournament competition that is easy to understand and fully aligned with our American Development Model.” 


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