August Letter From the President


I love “Tennis People”! Plain and simple… They come from all walks of life and are truly an amazing group. We are in the midst of turmoil and very trying and difficult times here in the United States and elsewhere in the world. It is wonderful to have a place to go and be a part of a group that is working hard to make their communities better places in which to live. Within the confines of this statement, a very special tennis tournament was held in Louisville which best demonstrates why “Tennis People” are truly extraordinary.


I was privileged to attend a memorial tennis tournament honoring the life of Murhl Searcy, who passed away at the age of 55 years and had been a teaching pro for over 30 years. This event was held in Louisville at Audubon Country Club and was created by a group of special friends who wanted to honor Murhl’s memory and all he had done for the tennis community in the Louisville area. These “Tennis People” created a memorial tennis tournament which last year, in it’s inaugural year, raised over 3,500.00 and was given to Murhl’s preferred charity the “Raise A Racquet” foundation. My favorite part of this story is when one of Murhl’s friends, Donna Schneiter, walked into the USTA KY office with all the monies and said, “this is a donation on behalf of the memory of our dear friend.” These monies became a part of this year’s legacy of giving and have impacted many lives: a tennis wheel chair, providing tennis opportunities to under served populations and scholarships to those in need. As a result, Murhl’s memory lives on through the grants given by the “Raise A Racquet” foundation and because of the actions of these amazing “Tennis People”.


This is only one example of the many deeds being taken by “tennis people” around the state to improve the lives of citizens in Kentucky’s respective communities.  I know the “Tennis People” in your area are out making a difference and helping others. " Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience and just plain love for one another”. Erma Bombeck





Dell K Kelly




“Tennis It All Matters!”