All For One and One For All



Rally78 community is growing and Kentucky is leading the way! Okay, so the community in California is hot on our tails, but we’re still the largest! But what if it didn’t matter? What if whether you were in California, Kentucky, Georgia or New York, you could find any player at any time? Imagine ONE platform where players across the country could connect. Now stop imagining and join the Rally78 community today! It’s FREE and easy!

Rally78 is the simple-to-use app, that connects anyone who loves tennis across the country. Build your tennis profile in less than 60-seconds and start meeting other players near you today. Doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game, or a top college player, there’s someone for everyone. Build a group and invite your friends, or meet-up with someone new in your neighborhood. The more people you invite, the more fun it is! 

Expanding your tennis network isn’t just good for tennis, it’s good for your life. Actually 9.8 years more of life to be exact, according to a recent sports study released in Denmark. We’ve met thousands of tennis players across the country and it’s clear that our favorite sport is a great uniter, promoter and connector. The tennis network has given many people their best friends, significant others, job interviews, social and travel plans, and so much more. With one simple platform, together, we can help build those connections for thosands more. 

Not in your city yet? Send us a note and join our Rally78 Ambassador community and we’ll happily send you some gear to get the word out! Our top five states for matches are Kentucky, Georgia, California, Florida and New York — but we’ll be everywhere soon. Help us spread the word. Join our community and start playing more tennis today! 

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