2017 Major Regulation Changes


1. 2.03A4 and Inside Cover: allow one (1) default to count towards eligibility for National Championships. 

2. Early Start Ratings are eliminated. 

2.05B(3)a: Players moved up and are clearly above level must adjust to their new NTRP level immediately. 
2.05B(3)b: Players will always use their most recent valid year-end rating to register for any early start leagues. Players moved up at year-end are not allowed to advance to any National Championship at the lower NTRP level 
2.05B(3)c:. There is an exception for players on a 2.5 team; they may continue through National Championships unless they are clearly above level. 

3. 2.05E(2) Ratings for players 65&Over who are moved up will be published; automatic appeal will be granted upon request (through TennisLink auto- appeal function). 

4. 3.01 Grievance Procedures: Sections may honor sanctions imposed in another Section. 


5. Local Leagues with one or two teams at NTRP levels within the same age division; Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over or Adult 55 & Over may join the “Combined Area” and play a local league.  All teams must abide by all regulations for local league play, meeting all state deadlines for registration and last date for match play, as well as playing the required number of matches to qualify to advance to the Kentucky State Championships.  Each team will advance to represent their local league area in the appropriate age division at their NTRP level.  If two teams from the same area join the combined league only the team finishing above the other in standings will advance to represent their area at the state championship. 
•    NOTE: If two teams from the same Local League join the Combined Area, they MUST both be compiled of players from that Local Area and/or surrounding Local Area.  They must both be approved by the Local Adult League Committee of that Local League to be rostered to represent them in the Combined Area.

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