2017 Kentucky Adult League Committee

Members of the Kentucky Adult League Committee are responsible for the organization and administration of the Adult League Tennis programs throughout the state.  Each geographical area receives one representative per 1,000 player registrations up to a maximum of five representatives. To see your current representation, click here.  Their contact information is listed below.

The Kentucky Adult League Committee member's term will be for two years.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this committee or if a Community Tennis Association (CTA) wants to suggest new candidates, just complete the Volunteer Information form and submit as directed.  The Volunteer Interest form can be found through this link.

All candidates will be considered in the selection process by the USTA Kentucky President every two years.  If a member of the committee resigns mid-term, an appointed replacement will serve the remainder of that term.

Members of this committee also serve on Sub-Committees of the Adult League Committee.  This enable them to focus on certain areas of league tennis in smaller groups prior to bringing an idea to the enitre committee.  The 2017 Sub-Committee's and Sub-Committee Members are as follows:

Championship Sub-Committee
Debbie Winbigler (LOU) winbigler@twc.com 
Esther Hubbard (PUR) ejhubard21@gmail.com
Jeff Jones (LEX) jjonesdtrt@outlook.com
Stephanie Coulter (LOU) coulter.stephanie@gmail.com

Growth and Innovation Sub-Committee
Daniel Kalef (LOU) danielkalef65@gmail.com
Jennifer Dunn (LEX) jennifer.dunn@ustalex.com
Donna Esson (LEX) gordonnae@twc.com
Scott Sandberg (LEX) sjslex@outlook.com

Rules & Regulations Sub-Committee
Debbie Shulak (LOU) dashulak@aol.com
Melody Medley (LOU) mel.medley@att.net
Janice Watson (ASH) janwatson@roadrunner.com
Melanie Humbert (HEN) hendersontennisleague@gmail.com