(updated NATIONAL rankings from June 24th)

   *selections will be made by Southern Junior Cup Sub-Committee using a combination of national rankings, UTR, results, head-to-head competition, and sportsmanship.         

           12's Boys                                                12's Girls         

1. Evan Hammond: 328th                       1. Bailey Scott: 54th
2. Josiah Russell: 357th                         2. Audrina Schaefer: 70th  
3. Evan Fomby: 359th                             3. Katie Lankford: 389th

4. Sushanth Muthuluru: 489th                   4. Emma Zelichenok: 469th         
5. Ethan Tang: 581st                                 5. Carlota Garibay Romero: 476th

          14's Boys                              14's Girls 
1. Colby Berson: 304th                            1. Hadley Appling: 100th
Sam Gurevich: 349th                           2. Sanam Krishnani: 322nd
3. Jonathon Harper: 386th                       3. Bailey Scott: 338th

4. Niko Klaychkin: 628th                             4. Claire Rueff: 410th
5. Walker Bush: 702nd                                5. Audrina Schaeffer: 427th

        16's Boys
                               16's Girls           

1. Eli Stephenson: 33rd                       1. Grace Katzman: 151st 
2. Evan Duggal: 297th                         2. Ellie Hammond: 196th       
3. Landon Ecarma: 345th                    3. Willow Renton: 256th      
4. Alex Englund: 396th                          4. Jaycie Mair: 317th        
5. Sahil Krishnani: 511th                        5. Lilah Shallcross: 368th               

       18's Boys
                                18's Girls

1. Eli Wood: 140th                                 1. Sarah Fazlagic: 282nd
2. Jacks Lancaster: 170th                     2. Jai Garris: 428th
3. Eli Stephenson: 189th      
                 3. Carrie Beckman: 429th
4. Ben Rueff: 306th                                  4. Reagan Mangan: 430th
5. Josh Meza: 497th                                 5. Jaycie Mair: 448th


(USTA Kentucky will host a series of camps before the Southern Junior Cup to give those in contention an additional opportunity for a high level experience and to gain experience with their future teammates and coaches.  All of these camps are INVITATION ONLY)



2019 12U Kentucky Junior Cup Team
Hadley Appling, Claire Rueff, Sanam Krishnani, Colby Berson, Abel Prude, Eric Ormsby
Coach: Tammy Anderson

2019 14-18U Southern Junior Cup Team
Back Row: Jacks Lancaster, Evan Duggal, Eli Stephenson, Alex Horn, Sahil Krishnani, Xavier Ecarma, Ty Bush, Eli Wood, Michael Chou
Front Row: Katie Beavin, Olivia Gallagher, Grace Katzman, Jaycie Mair, Willow Renton, Katie Robeson, Sarah Fazlagic, Emma Beavin, Carrie Beckman
Coaches: Julie Ditty, Roberto Aspillaga