End of Year Grants Review for Kentucky Tennis Providers

A Great Year For Grants

As we near the end of 2016, it's nice to take a moment and look back at the 13 Program Grants awarded to Tennis Providers across our state this year. These grants are essential to our grass roots tennis efforts and ran the gamut in providing for our diverse tennis population and programming.  

The goal of each grant was to create long-term, sustainable tennis programming. The information below is not exhaustive of all grants received by Kentucky tennis providers, but is specific to grants that were awarded through the USTA Southern Section. In total, Kentucky tennis providers were awarded almost $70k in 2016 alone. Several of the grants awarded in 2016 were 3 year grants, so there is an additional $50K in awarded funds allocated for 2017 and 2018.


There were 6 larger program grants awarded in Kentucky through Southern’s Play It Forward (PIF) Program Grant which totaled about $58K for 2016. These grants were focused on innovative, sustainable programming that filled a “tennis void” in a particular area and were awarded to various communities in;

  • Somerset
  • Lexington
  • Louisville
  • Paducah

Some of the PIF grants awarded were to boost community tennis in Kentucky by expanding existing youth or adult programming while others focused on a specific age group void in that community.

The grants awarded have a broad base target;

  • 30 & under population at a local Indoor Tennis Facility
  • Senior tennis players using shorter courts, low compression balls and creating a fun atmosphere
  • Tennis in the local parks resulting in a community partnership and huge growth for tennis in that community

Applicants “took the pulse” on their communities and applied for grants that helped fill in voids in programming opportunities and programming opportunities for certain age groups.

The Play it Forward Program grants are open to anyone who is interested in providing sustainable tennis programming in their community Click here for details and quarterly deadlines. Contact Stacey Croley for more details and information.     

Lastly, the remaining seven program grants awarded were focused solely on furthering Diversity and Inclusion efforts in Kentucky and totaled over $10K. Grants included:

  • wheelchair tennis
  • Hispanic outreach

Both serving youth in low-socio economic areas, as well as serving mentally and physically challenged individuals.

The Southern Diversity Grant has two deadlines annually, January 31st and May 31st. Click here for the online application You can also contact Stacey Croley if you have interest or questions about applying for a Diversity Program grant in 2017. 

Congratulations to all of the grant applicants awarded funds in 2016 and we are looking forward to growing and promoting tennis in our state in 2017. As our USTA Kentucky President, Dell Kelly, says, "All Tennis Matters!!."