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Tennis in PE

Register your PE program today and recieve:

  • Kids' Tennis Club playbook (organizer's edition)

  • Registration incentive gift

  • Recognition letter and certificate for offering tennis

For additional asistance on equipment, training and curriculum designed for physical education classes, visit our Resources page


With questions about a school program in Jefferson County Public Schools or in Louisville, please contact Maddie Notoris or (502) 491-1290.  With questions about a school program outside of Louisville, please contact Stacey Croley at or (502) 491-1290.

After School Tennis Clubs

Kids' Tennis Clubs are designed to give students of all grade levels the opportunity to enjoy tennis in a safe, supportive, extracurricular setting.  The USTA provides free resources including animated games, activities, and play formats that work in any space. 

If you have questions about a Kids' Tennis Club in the Louisville area, please contact Maddie Notoris at or (502) 491-1290.  If you have a question about a Kids' Tennis Club outside of the Louisville area, please contact Stacey Croley at or (502) 491-1290.

Tennis Play Days

Play Days are a great way to get kids into, and interested in, tennis.  They typically last two to three hours, and allow kids to play in a fun, educational, non-elimination setting.  Play Days have the goal of enhancing skills and making friends in a fun, social atmosphere.