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How did you become a captain?  I began playing USTA in 1996 on a newly formed 3.0 men's team.  This team was organized from a company league I had been playing in for three years.  At year's end, five of us were rated up to 3.5.  The following year we joined some local players who had previously played out of Portsmouth, OH.  Although I did not captain, I was asked to handle the team during the captain's absence.  I guess that was it, I had the captain bug!  I assumed the captain's role for the following year (1998) and have captained at least one team ever since (except when I had knee surgery in 2003).

How long have you been a captain and do you have a co-captain?  Since 1998, I believe I have captained 27 teams.  I had never had a co-captain until this year.  Although I didn't lean on him too much, I do like the thought of having more support as well as a back-up.

Have your teams won any Local Championships?  I would estimate my teams have won approximately 12 local championships.  We play in a small local area that has usually had 2 - 4 teams.  Although we have never won a district title, we are usually in contention.  I consider this a testament to the rating systems that we can compete with teams coming out of local areas 4 times the size of ours.

Any family members participate in league or play tennis?  My whole family enjoys tennis and plays USTA.  My wife (4.0 player) and I have played Mixed Doubles together for many years.  Unfortunately, this year she is recovering from major foot surgery and could not play.  We have two daughters that played high school tennis and now play USTA League.  The oldest daughter (3.0 player) is now 24 and the younger daughter (4.5 player) is now 20 and a student at UK where she also is playing on the UK club team.

How did you start and how long have you been playing tennis?   I suppose I am a product of the Bjorn Borg/Jimmy Conners/Chris Evert tennis boom.  In 1976, I went out with high school sweetheart (now my wife) and bought a discount store wooden racquet.  We began hitting with little knowledge of what was wrong or right.  We were completely self-taught.  I guess this was why we began lesson for our daughters at an early age!  

How did you feel when you learned you were nominated? The guys on my team told me they nominated me, but I thought they were kidding!

Who is your favorite tennis player?  I always root for players that carry themselves with class and represent the sport well.  Today, I believe that describes Roger Federer.

What kind of racquet do you use? Dunlop Aerogel 6-Hundred.  This was an obscure model.  I've played with it for four years now.  Love the weight/balance and have no plans to change.

How many racquets do you carry to a match?  I carry one of the largest tennis bags around!  I never want to think I didn't bring something to the court that I needed.  I'll have medical supplies, snacks, clothes, and at least three racquets.

What is your favorite tournament to watch?  Love to watch those late night US Open matches!

What is your best shot, do you prefer backhand or forehand?  I constantly work on my backhand, but my forehand is just naturally better.  I envy those natural backhand players.

Do you like to play singles or doubles?  I
play doubles 90% of the time and enjoy it, even though I'm now 55, I still like an occassional singels match.

Why do you enjoy being a captain?  I just love tennis!  Being a captain is a way to facilitate others to be able to enjoy it as well.

What do you like most about playing league tennis?  Through the years I have made hundreds of acquaintances throughout the community, many are now very good friends.

If you could attend one Grand Slam, which one would it be?  It would have to be the French Open...it's in Paris!












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