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How did you become a captain?  To  be honest, it was because no one else wanted to do it.  One of my best friends had been captain for teams I played on for years, but he moved to Alabama.

How long have you been a captain and do you have a co-captain?  I have captained for a couple years, no co-captain.

Have your teams won any local championships?  Yes, my teams have won a couple of local leagues. 

Any family members participate in league or play tennis?  My brother has just joined and is loving it!!

How long have you been playing tennis?  Off and on for almost 30 years.

How did you start playing tennis?  I had no thought of playing tennis until the spring of my junior year of high school.  I had started the spring wanting to play baseball until I broke my thumb in tryouts sliding into second base.  Consequently, I did not make the team.  However, my best friend suggest I play tennis with him on the high school team....and the rest is history!

How did you feel when you learned you were nominated?  I was definitely surprised because most of my team were fairly new to USTA tennis and I didn't even realize that they knew there was a Captain of the Month program.

Who is your favorite tennis player?  I love to watch great tennis players and matches, men and women!  I love watching most all the top players!  You can't beat Federer and Nadal!

What kind of racquet do you use? Prince Hybrid.

How many racquets do you carry to a match?  Two

What is your favorite tournament to watch?  Wimbledon

What is your best shot?  Anything at the net.

Do you prefer to play backhand or forehand?  Forehand

Do you like to play singles or doubles?  I love the different aspects of both but find myslef playing more doubles as I have gotten older.

Why do you enjoy being a captain?  As other captains already know, there are many headaches that captains have to deal with throughout the season.  Coordinating around everyone's schedule and finding enough players for matches are just a few.  However, knowing that your team appreciates all that you do, makes it all worth it!

What do you like most about playing league tennis?  The team aspect!  Winning as a team is much more satisfying to me than individually winning a tournament.

If you could attend one Grand Slam, which one would it be?  Finals at Wimbledon!









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