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How did you become a captain?  I own the Tennis Store of Lexington and there had been a lot of new guys coming through the store wanting to get back into playing. I also wanted to get involved, so I just took the responsibility to help everyone get started back into it.  

How long have you been a captain?  My first time as a captain was a 3.0 team in 2011. We were really bad. 

Do you have a co-captain?  Several, but Taylor Lyle is my right hand man. He has been on every team I've had and co-captained most of them.

Have your teams won Local Championships?  Yes several. Some we earned and some we haven't. My teams have had the luck of making it to districts and sectionals on 7 occasions. Some Earned/Won, but some were Wildcards. 

5.5 Combo 4 times in a row and 6.5 last year. All in Mobile, AL

3.0 18+ made sectionals the last 2 years. 2013 we went to Lexington, SC. 2014 we went Auburn, AL. This year our 3.5 team made it to Mobile.

Our Sectional record isn't the best, but I won't get into that. We have a really good time though. A really, really good time

Any family members participate in league or play tennis?  My wife Holly also plays at the 3.0/3.5 levels.   

How long have you been playing tennis?  Literally started taking lessons January 2010 and joined my first combo team that fall.  I think the captain was wanting to get discounts at my shop. 

How did you start playing tennis?  I opened The Tennis Store in the Lexington Tennis Club. It was a result of being in the Sporting goods business for 20 yrs. And since I was now just Tennis specialty, I figured it would be appropriate if I knew some technique and not just the technology.

How did you feel when you learned you were nominated?   Thought it was funny that one of the guys actually took the time to nominate me. We are a very close group of guys, but it is really going the extra mile for some of these guys to do this for me. Was really pleased. 

Who is your favorite tennis player?  Funny enough two of my favorite aren't even touring professionals.

Danny Schmidt is 5.0 teaching pro at the LTC. I'm always amazed at his skills and demeanor on the court. I truly love watching the man play.

Brett Atcher, another 5.0 teaching pro, teaches the game better then anyone around. He has made me the best, average player that I am today.

These 2 guys, in my eyes, are more amazing then any of the Pros on TV. They are my idols because of how they represent the game.

What kind of racquet do you use?  As a tennis store owner, I play with many racquets. I'm not good enough for the racquet to make a difference. Right now though, I'm playing with a Wilson Blade 98s for doubles and a Head Radical MP for singles.

How many racquets do you carry to a match?  I usually only have the two. Some times I bring new styles just to try.

What is your favorite tournament to watch?  I like watching the US Open probably the most. NYC Atmosphere is the best.

What is your best shot?  My serve is probably my strongest shot. It's the only part of my game the guys don't make fun of.

Do you prefer backhand or forehand?  My forehand is by far stronger. My backhand is feeble.

Do you like to play singles or doubles?  Really like singles, but I'm a stronger doubles player. Too fat and slow for singles at the 4.0 level.

Why do you enjoy being a captain?  Love keeping these guys together. I do it to organize the after tennis drinking parties.

What do you like most about playing league tennis?   The social aspect. The Lexington tennis community is a really great group of people to be associated with. Its like adult Tennis Fraternities/Sororities and Sectional Spring Breaks!

 If you could attend one Grand Slam, which one would it be?  Australian Open. Just to see the other side of the world.








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