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MAY 14 - 16, 2021
Louisville, KY




Interested in participating in 70 & Over Division?
Click here to send an email for more information.


All divisions will play three courts of doubles, requiring a minimum of six players per team.  All players must have an NTRP rating or Self-rating in TennisLink with a USTA membership good through May 16, 2021.


60 & Over Men & Women’s teams as follows:

Teams will be made up of NTRP levels in this division as follows:

  • 3.0
  • 3.5
  • 4.0
  • 8.5 (4.0/4.5)

70 & Over Women’s teams will be comprised of three different levels (like Tri-Level)

Teams will be comprised of the following levels:

  • 4.0, 3.5, 3.0
    • Court #1 will be 4.0 level
    • Court #2 will be 3.5 level
    • Court #3 will be 3.0 level

70 & Over Men’s teams will be comprised of combined level equaling 7.5 (like Combo)

  • Teams will be made up of players as follows:
    • 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
      • Any combination that equals 7.5 per court
        • Cannot be greater than 7.5 combined rating level


All levels/age divisions will be guaranteed 4 matches.  If only two teams registered in a division, they will be given the option of playing only 3 matches if they both agree to participate.

  • If playing four matches, all levels/age divisions will play 2 matches on one day
    • These two matches will be no less than three hours apart on the schedule


To register a team as the Captain:

  • Go to 
  • Login using your email and password
  • Once you have logged in and see “Welcome! (your name)”
    • Click on “Online Team Creation” under “My Quick Links” on right side of screen
  • “Create a Team Number On-Line” will appear
    • Section: “Southern”
    • District/Area: “Kentucky”
    • League: “60 & Over Team Invitational” or “70 & Over Team Invitational”
    • Flight: “select the NTRP Level of Team”
    • Team Name: “Captain Last Name”
    • Home Courts THIS IS NOT NEEDED
    • Click button “Create Team”
      • Write down the “Team Number” this is what you will share with your teammates so they can begin registering for the team.
    • Continue with your registration and payment

To register as a player on a team (if you need a team, email: :

  • Go to
  • Login using your email and password
  • Once you have logged in and see “Welcome! (your name)”
    • Click on “REGISTER FOR A TEAM” button located on left side of screen under “Start Playing”
    • Enter the “Team #” that you received from your team captain
    • Make sure your current email address is listed to ensure you get updates
    • Click “Continue” this will take you to the payment screen