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2020 Board of Directors 


President - Mike Eden, Nicholasville - ends 1-22            

First Vice-President - Leony Barroso, Lawrenceburg  - ends 1-21*

Vice-President - R. C. Scheinler, Louisville - ends 1-21*

Vice-President - Alfie Cheng, Somerset - ends 1-21*

Vice-President - Rick Mount, Crestwood - ends 1-21*

Secretary - Ellen Miller, Nicholasville - ends 1-21*

Treasurer - Brenda Clayton, Owensboro - ends 1-21*

Immediate Past President - Rainey Johns, Nicholasville - ends 1-22


Board of Directors     

Terri Christensen, Elizabethtown - ends 1-21

Julie Ditty, Ashland - ends 1-21

Martina Fee, Bowling Green - ends 1-22*

Glenn Grigsby, Louisville - ends 1-21

Sonya Harward, Louisville - ends 1-21

Jeffrey Jones, Lexington - ends 1-22*

Laurie Larkin, Richmond - ends 1-22*

Lisa Lauck, Paducah - ends 1-21

Brooks Lundy, Lexington  - ends 1-22*

Bruce Stone, Louisville - ends 1-21


Ex-Officio Members

CTA Representative - Cindy Bramble, Frankfort - ends 1-22*

General Counsel - Craig Siegenthaler, Louisville - ends 1-22*

Chair of Officials - Brenda Emery, Lexington - ends 1-22*


Nominating Committee                                

Leony Barroso, Lawrenceburg - chair - ends 1-22*

Victor Allara, Pikeville - ends 1-22*

Melanie Humbert, Henderson - ends 1-21

Dell Kelly, Lexington - ends 1-22*

Marnie Ochoa, Louisville - ends 1-21


* These positions will be voted on and approved by the membership at the USTA KY Annual Meeting on January 24, 2020. Officers are elected annually. President and Immediate Past President are elected for two year terms. Directors are elected to two year terms and limited to serving two consecutive terms.



2020 USTA Kentucky Committee Chairs

Committee Description


Adult Competition Committee  
Chair Casey Hutchens Lexington
Jr. Competition Committee  
Chair Kerry Lancaster Bowling Green
Jr. Recreation Committee  
Chair Teri Christensen Elizabethtown
Adult League Committee  
Chair Melanie Humbert Henderson
Community Development Committee  
Chair Ellen Miller Lexington
Marketing Committee  
Chair Tyrone Sparks Versailles
Diversity and Inclusion  
Chair Meg Peavy Louisville
Chair  Leony Barroso Lawrenceburg
Long Term Planning Committee  
Chair Rainey Johns Versailles
Tennis Officials    
Chair Brenda Emery Lexington
Finance Committee    
Chair  Brenda Clayton Owensboro
Hall of Fame Selection Committee  
Chair John English Louisville
Chair Kathy Mudd Louisville
Nominating Committee  
Chair Leony Barosso Lawrenceburg